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Mission Statement

Dermum's goal is to create a superior quality skincare products for the people who are serious about their own wellness with a reasonable price. We will set the new standard of the skincare products industry by providing knowledge and correct information to consumers rather than using advertisement claims. Once consumer gain a good knowledge and correct information, they will realise that Dermum is a true Health & Beauty products. Dermum's value will become a new standard and the consumer's expectation. All those sub-standard products and those over-priced products will have to improve themselves to meet consumer's higher expectation, if they want to compete with Dermum. The higher standard bar will eventually benefit the consumer and all stakeholders in the industry.

Producing with passion

We constantly pay a full attention to all details at each stage from the ingredient selection through the production process in order to manufacture a world-class product. Currently, we have 2 products. There are more to come in the future. Every Dermum's product has been certified by the Ministry of Health's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been dermatological tested by an authorised dermatology institute.


Dermum, Why I make it?

I've been using skincare products since I hit 30 when I started to feel aged. I was using various luxury skincare brands, many kind of them i.e. day creams, night creams, eye cream, serum, cleansing, scrubbing, toner, hydration, etc. In an attempt to preserve my youth look, I spent a lot of money on skincare products. Until a few years ago I had a chance to spend a day with my younger sister whom I hardly met. I observed that she still look the same to me. I asked her what skincare products she was using and her reply surprised me, her self-made products. I asked her how much her monthly skincare expense and then roughly compare to mine. I just feel sorry for myself. The same result with far less spending.

Then she was talking about how she came to know this kind of stuff, what training courses she took and I just learn from her that Thailand is a leading producer of skincare and cosmetics products in Southeast Asia. I was glad to hear that. My first reaction to this learning is that it's time to save tons of money. I've been trying her products in which it's concept is natural based. And it works very well. I've been saving lots of money. Well, it doesn't mean that my sister products are better than those luxury brands. They are good quality products. And of course, a good quality translates to an expensive price. But I don't think it has to be that expensive. You see what I mean? This give me an idea of trying to make a good quality skincare products offer to the market with a reasonable price.

Why starts with Whitening Cream? Because I see many good moisturisers, Sunscreens, cleansers, etc. in the market. But I haven't seen much of a good whitening cream. When I say a good whitening cream I mean that it has to be effective as well as safe. Most whitening cream in the market today still have harmful ingredients in it in a different extent. Yes, there are some good whitening creams out there. But then again those good whitening creams are selling at a premium price.

Some of my friends asked me why I have to use a whitening cream since I'm not dark. My job requires me to go out door when there is a problem. Unfortunately, problems is a nature of my job (as well as other jobs, of course). So I can't avoid being outside. And honestly, I don't like it because I don't want my face to get dark (that's why I don't play golf). So as my career's coming along nicely, my face's getting dark. To fix it, I asked my sister to formulate a whitening cream for me.

Now I want to make it for selling, everything has to be professional. The formula was updated. And my intention is to continue updating it once in a while when there is a new and innovative ingredient come to exist in the industry. All the ingredients I choose are contributing to one goal, to safely do what it's meant to do. I brought the formula to a GMP certified factory, made some samples. After I tested it myself I also asked my beloved ones to test it too. My sister was very impressed. Then I started to randomly give sample to others, neighbors, waitresses, students. When having enough good feedback, I have it licensed, and here I am. I'm not a doctor or a dermatologist. I'm not an expert. I'm just a discerning skincare user who want to make the product the way I like. This is a product I create for myself to use.

Try and tell me how you like it...



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