1. Since Dermum Whitening Cream contains neither Mercury nor Hydroquinone, how can it whiten the skin?

Because Dermum selects substances extracted from various plants which effectively lighten the skin, reducing the pigmentation process and more importantly, it is very safe (for more details, please visit the product page or see the brochure). All the main active ingredients are produced with Nanotechnology resulting in higher performance.


2. If stop using, will the skin return to be the same as before?

Yes, it will. Dermum doesn’t change the natural structure of skin permanently (which is a risky action). The tasks of the cream are to protect, to stop and to slow down unnecessary pigmentation process. If stop using, the process can continues back to work normally. However, you will not see the skin color return back immediately after stop using.


3. Is it dangerous to use Dermum continuously?

No, it is not. It can be used every day like others general skincare products.


4. Can children use Dermum?

Yes, they can. Because Dermum is gentle. It contains no any prohibited hazardous substances. Nevertheless, since children’s skin is in the phase of purity, clearness and have more ability to renew the skin than adults, children don’t have to use the cream or any cosmetics. They can start using cosmetics when their age reaches 15 years old when the skin begins changing to adult phase. For children, the only recommended cosmetic is Sunscreen.


5. Can white and radiant skin people use Dermum?

It's not necessary. Dermum is designed and produced for people with dark skin problem or uneven skin color. People who have a white and radiant skin may not see much different result. However, if you would like to maintain the skin to remain white and radiant, you can also use Dermum to help protecting the skin from dark potential in the future.


6. Can Dermum erase blemish freckles or dark spots?

For blemish and dark spots problems that are caused by disorder melanin pigments, mostly resulting from the Sun and UV radiation as well as dark spot caused by acne, Dermum can effectively reduce those dark pigments. However, for those who have severe problems or have been experiencing those problems for a long time, it may require sometimes to see the result. The crucial practice along with using Dermum is the use of Sunscreen during the day even in shading areas. For freckles caused by aging may not significantly response to the use of Dermum.


7. How can we erase the freckles caused by aging?

Freckles caused by aging result from the degeneration of melanin pigments. The most effective treatment is to delete it by a laser and let the body renew the skin. For those youngsters who have no freckles yet and those who have already deleted it can use Dermum to prevent it from re-occurring. And of course, using Sunscreen along with Dermum during the day is important. Having food containing anti-oxidants and exercising regularly can also help slowing down the degeneration of skin cells.


8. Is it necessary to also use moisturizer and Sunscreen along with Dermum?

Yes, it is. Because Dermum is not a 2-in-1 or a 3-in-1 creams which is also a moisturizer or contain Sunscreen. Dermum focuses solely on whitening and making the skin radiant. But it will do so with its full potential. Customer can use Dermum along with your favorite and safe moisturizer or Sunscreen.


9. Why is the cream’s colour different from one lot to another?

Because the colour of Dermum cream is a natural colour without alteration. Dermum ingredients are from plants. The colour of those plants may be different in each season yet still keep the same quality and efficiency. Adjusting the colour of the cream to look the same for every lot can be done but colour embellishment is required, meaning that the quality and efficiency is compromised. We chose to maintain the quality and efficiency which is the most important.


10. Can people with acne problem use Dermum?

Inflamed skin from acne, skin rash or allergic is very weak and fragile. Those weak areas are more sensitive and more prone to irritation than usual. So it is not safe to use any cosmetics. The correct practice is to have the problem skin treated before start using cosmetics.



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